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Slip Resistant, Granulated Rubber Marine Surfacing to Revitalize and Renew your Boat Deck

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What is SafeFloor™ High Performance Marine Surfacing?

Safefloor™ is a recycled granulated rubber flooring that is chemically bonded to your boat deck, patio, or any other surface to create an easy to clean, durable, great looking custom surface with unrivaled slip-resistance


Do not spend your hard earned money on surfacing that you will have to replace in a few years.  These inferior surfaces such as bed liners, and carpet will lose there slip-resistance over time, decrease resale value, crack and tear over time, and provide no reduction in hull noise


With SafeFloor™, you get all of the following benefits-


- Prevents slips, falls and injuries - SafeFloor’s slip resistant properties are unrivaled in safety.  With our installation and QA processes you will be standing on one of the most slip-resistant materials available.  Safefloor™ will retain its slip resistant properties even covered in fish slime, water, or whatever you can throw at it.  No sprayed-in liner, or carpet can say that!


- Lessens Fatigue - With the  utilization of rubber granules coupled with our proprietary rubber based epoxy, some of the shock when hitting waves is absorbed in the Safefloor™ instead of your legs and back


- Dampens hull noise - When installed, Safefloor™ acts like a muffler, dampening hull noise created in operating all types of boats


- Enhances the appearance and value of your boat - Safefloor™ looks great installed.  We have thousands of color combinations to match, or create a custom color on whatever you floor.  We can even personalize your floor with a custom inlaid design.


- Unrivaled durability - Stands up to almost anything you can dish out! Safefloor™ will last the lifetime of the craft, or deck. No more carpet to replace, no more gel coat wearing down creating an unsafe situation.